Realizing Resistance Episode III

RRIII 2023 with Rebel Alliance Starbird Logo

Coming in 2023: Realizing Resistance Episode III: The Expanding Universe | CFP Fall ’22. #RRIII23

Rise! Resist! Revolt!

RRII Pop Ups

Over the next nine months we will be hosting a series of Pop Up events in the lead up to our third installment of the Realizing Resistance conference trilogy: Realizing Resistance III: The Expanding Universe.

Book Launch Flyer with image of author Chris Kempshall.

Dr. Sam Langsdale, the creator of Realizing Resistance, hosted this conversation with author Dr. Chris Kempshall about his new book, The History and Politics of Star Wars: Death Stars and Democracy (Routledge, 2022). View the recording in the Pop Up Shop!