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Thursday, September 24

Carolyn Cocca
  • Warbringers and Saviors: Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel in the 2010s
Christina M. Knopf
  • Babes at Arms: From Firing-Pin Ups to Bombshells
Miriam Kent
  • Protecting People and Country and Serving Doom Above All Else: Alternate Reality and Military Femininity in Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps
Patricia F. Anderson
  • Critical Librarianship and the Right of Just Access to Graphic Medicine Discovery
A. David Lewis
  • Superhero Fiction for Real-Life Health Discourse
Rakshanda Khan
  • Art Therapy Comics: Comics in Online Art Therapy with Pakistani Adolescents
Shawn Gilmore
  • From Cosmic Treadmills to Quantum Owlships: Jumping Realities in Superhero Comics
Whitney Thompson
  • Will The Real Steve Rogers Please Stand Up?: Conflicting Nationalist Narratives in Captain America Comics
John Edward Martin
  • Human 2.0: Technological Adaptation and Spiritual Transformation in Upgrade Soul and Altered States
Victoria Rahbar
  • Cardcaptor Sakura and the History of the Book – A Digital Exhibition
John Edward Martin, Bobby Griffith, Coby Condrey
  • Academic Library Outreach with Comics and Graphic Novels
Harriet Earle
  • The Gender Politics of Labour and Lace in Kate Evans’ Threads: From the Refugee Crisis (2017)
Qiuyan Guo
  • Gender Representation in Superhero Comics Descriptions
Samantha Langsdale
  • Good, Bad, and Technology: Analyzing the Philosophical Problems of Marvel’s Ironheart
Debanjana Nayek
  • Popping out of the pages of comic books: Cyberfeminism and Transmedia storytelling in Indian graphic narratives
Quinn Dombrowski & Lee Skallerup Bessette
  • Layered Adaptation and Warped Nostalgia in Francophone Translations of the Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels
Join us for a conversation with comics artist John Jennings and author Damian Duffy about their adaptation of Octavia Butler's masterpiece Parable of the Sower. Facilitated by DoMonique Arnold, Uni High School Librarian with the University Laboratory High School at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. All are welcome. Separate (free) registration required.


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Join us for a conversation with comics artist Archie Bongiovanni, author of Grease Bats and A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns. Facilitated by Spencer D. C. Keralis, Founder and Executive Director of Digital Frontiers. All are welcome. Separate (free) registration required.

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Friday, September 25

Anna F. Peppard, Monica Geraffo, & Nicholas E. Miller
Evan Ash
  • A Powerful Forum: The National Social Welfare Assembly Comics Project
Marie Sartain
  • Managing the Idea Factory: Stan Lee and the "Marvel Method"
Dan Yezbick
  • On the Air with Archie Andrews: The Gregariously ‘Gringo’ Gags, Gals, and Gang Comedies of Teen Humor Comics and American Radio Drama
Zachary Rondinelli
  • “#WelcomeToSlumberland: Documenting Transactional Experiences with the Little Nemo Comics Strips, 1905-1914; 1924-1927
Kyle Eveleth
  • Print is Dead, Long Live Print! Are Digital Comics Killing the Print Industry?
Josh Rose
  • Backwards Compatibility: Formal Regression When Comics Shift From Digital Conception to Print
Spencer D. C. Keralis
  • Pilfering Quark: A Media Archaeology of DIY Queer Comics and Desktop Publishing
Allison Bannister
  • Comics Composition and the Matter of Making
Julian Chambliss
  • Collection as Data: Creating the North America Dataset
Zack Kruse
  • Critical Making as an Entry Point to Sustained Interaction with the Comics Archive
Justin Wigard
  • Towards a Comics OER’: Comics Studies, Open Electronic Resources, and the MSU Comic Art Collection
Lynn Wolff
  • Interdisciplinary, Multilingual, and Multimodal Interrogations in the MSU Graphic Narratives Network
Vincent Haddad
  • “A Certain Urban Ghetto”: Representing Detroit in DC Comics
Joanna Davis-McElligatt
  • How to Draw a White Black Man: Rendering Race as Violence in Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece’s Incognegro
Bryan Conn
  • From Bare Life to Artificial Life: Posthumanist Afrofuturism in Victor LaValle’s DESTROYER
Join Samantha Langsdale in conversation with scholars and comics artists Joanna Davis-McElligatt, Enrica Jang, and Krista S. Gehring.