2018 Call for Proposals

Deadline extended to April 22!

The Call for Proposals is now open!

Digital scholarship happens at the convergence of a range of disciplines, technologies, and communities. Digital Frontiers is an annual conference that seeks to explore, celebrate, question, and disrupt these intersections in order to advance an inclusive dialog that spans boundaries and highlights unlikely connections in the field of Digital Humanities. In 2018, the Digital Frontiers community is joining forces with the Digital Humanities Forum held annually at University of Kansas’s Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities (IDRH). These two dynamic communities unite to celebrate digital scholarship as a diverse and growing field of humanist inquiry.

The theme for the 2018 Digital Frontiers/IDRH Conference is Finding Community in Digital Humanities. When the diversity of disciplines, technologies, and communities involved in DH converge, we are often confronted with novel and/or previously uninvestigated approaches to the field. How do these aspects overlap? Where do they diverge? Each community brings its own voice and perspective, often urging us to interrogate the assumptions hidden within our own work. This conference’s theme asks participants to examine these intersections and bring us into dialogue with one another. Aside from disciplinary and research communities in the Digital Humanities, we also frame communities as those of lived experiences: international communities, marginalized communities and communities of resistance, classroom communities, digital communities, and others.

The Digital Frontiers Program Committee invites proposals for the 2018 conference (October 4-5). The planning committee practices intentional inclusion and encourages submissions from researchers, students, librarians archivists, genealogists, historians, information and technology professionals, and scientists. We welcome perspectives from all individuals and are interested in fostering a dialog of critical, self-reflexive DH invested in different vectors of identity and encourage research produced by or concerning vulnerable and marginalized communities, historically or contemporaneously. In keeping with our focus on communities, we encourage submissions on DH praxis grounded in and accountable to the needs and ethics of local communities.

Conference content may include:

  • Fully Constituted Panels
  • Individual Scholarly Papers or Presentations (Note: early stage research, project updates, and single-institution “case studies” should be submitted as posters)
  • Hands-On Workshops
  • Posters or Infographics

Proposals will be double-blind peer reviewed, with final decisions made by the Program Committee. The Program Committee will be favorably disposed toward content that addresses the work, needs, or other aspects of:

  • Disciplinary and research communities in the digital humanities and collaboration among, between, and across scholarly communities: #altac and hybrid careers in DH, DH in Cultural Memory and GLAM institutions, Digital Humanities applications in the social sciences and humanities.
  • Digital Communities in praxis: digital pedagogies, socio-technical infrastructures for sustaining digital scholarship, digital scholarship in city- or region-focused studies in the U.S. Southwest and Midwest.
  • Marginalized communities and communities of resistance: social justice in digital communities, disability studies in DH, digital race studies, queer DH, antifascist DH, postcolonial digital humanities, digital feminisms, digital indigenous studies.
  • International communities: postcolonial DH, research in languages other than English and from non-Euro American contexts, digital scholarship in city- or region-focused studies in the global south.
  • Classroom communities: STEAM/Art + Science Intersections, DH in Music/Musicology, Digital Methods in Arts Education, Open Educational Resources (DH+OER), Higher Ed and Net Neutrality

Submit your proposal here.

The Deadline is April 22, 2018.