Digital Frontiers 2015

Digital Frontiers 2015 was hosted by the School of Arts and Humanities and the Emerging Media and Communication program at University of Texas at Dallas. The conference was held in the Alexander Clark Center and the beautiful new Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building at the center of the UT-D campus September 17-19, 2015.

Director’s Welcome

Spencer D. C. Keralis, Digital Frontiers
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Deans’ Welcome

Dennis M. Kratz, Dean, UT-D School of Arts and Humanities; Todd Fechter, Dean ad interim, UT-D School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
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Opening Keynote: “Levelling Up: Cultural Memory, Gender, and the Future of Gaming”

Carolyn Guertin, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
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Session 1: Mapping the Future of Digital Scholarship

Beyond the Map: Visualizing the Nineteenth-Century American Children’s Book Trade Directory
Douglas Burns and Spencer Keralis, University of North Texas
Evaluating Peer Review Criteria: The Geo-Twist
Katherine Hart Weimer, Rice University
Karl Grossner, Stanford University
David J. Wrisley, American University of Beirut
GIS and Civic Imagination
Jeanette Claire Sewell, Houston Public Library
Brian Scott Riedel, Rice University
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Session 2: Imagining Digital Communities

Improving Digital Access to Zines
Lizzie Seiple, University of Texas at Austin
Creating The Living Wage Project: A Digital Archive
Jeff Cowick
#infertility: Representations of Assisted Reproduction Therapy on Twitter
Layne Parish Craig, Texas Christian University
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Session 3: Frontiers in Curation and Copyright

HIPAA and Disability Histories
Olivia Banner, University of Texas at Dallas
Amanda Sparling, University of Texas at Dallas
Creative Commons and Digital Humanities
Laura F. McKinnon, University of North Texas
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Documenting Cultural Memory in the Digital Age

Lilly Albritton, Lupita Tinnen, and Giraud Polite, University of Texas at Dallas
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Session 4: Access & Analysis

eMOP’s Printers and Publishers: Toward Crafting an Early Modern Print Database
Matthew J Christy and Elizabeth Grumbach, Texas A&M University
Using Omeka as a Gateway to Digital Projects
Rafia Mirza, Lynn Johnson, Derek Reece, and Jeff Downing, University of Texas at Arlington
Textual Analysis of Three Orchestration Treatises
Janelle Varin, Pratt Institute
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Session 5: Curation & Collaboration

Digital Visualization in Cultural Memory
Norma Martin, Eun Ah Lee and David McElroy; University of Texas at Dallas
Let’s Plays: Curating a New Type of Discourse for Digital Play Experiences
Lindsey Joyce, University of Texas at Dallas
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Session 6: Collaborative Encounters with Special Collections

“Day at UNT” Program– Integrating Research Using Digital Primary Sources into K-12 Outreach
Courtney Jacobs, University of North Texas
Creating Digital Humanities Collaborations Using Library Special Collections
Carrie Johnston, Bucknell University
Cindy Boeke, Southern Methodist University
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Session 7: Memory and Forgetting on the Digital Frontier

Whose Memory is it Anyway? An Exploration of Forgotten Voices in the Holocaust
Jessica Pollock, Ryerson University
The Women of El Toro
xtine burrough, University of Texas at Dallas
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Silicon in August: In search of a usable past for alternative digital futures

Matthew Brown, University of Texas at Dallas
Andrew Famigliettii, Saint Joseph’s University
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Closing Keynote: “Dark Matter”

Michael Peter Edson, The Smithsonian Institution
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