Plant a Seed with Digital Frontiers

As a community, we are looking to the future. Earlier this year, we announced some changes for the organization, with a renewed focus on sustainability and serving the needs of our community. And now we’re asking for your help in planting seeds for that future.

As we turn to new initiatives including our new journal, Unbound: A Journal of Digital Scholarship; our satellite events including Realizing Resistance: Episode II in 2021; and the forthcoming DF Learn webinar series, we need our community’s support to bring these changes to fruition.

Over the years we have worked hard to keep costs low for you – we’ve never asked for a membership fee, we kept registration for all events under $100 (and provided lunch and coffee!), but now we need your help to lay the foundation for Digital Frontiers’ future.

Giving Digital Frontiers your support today will:

  • Help us cover administrative costs including web hosting, email, and other costs of doing business,
  • Enable us to offer Honoraria for DF Learn teachers,Provide design, infrastructure, and services like copy-editing for Unbound,
  • Kick off other initiatives driven by the professional development needs of the DF community,
  • And build a bridge to sustainability for our community.

We acknowledge that these are uncertain times. We’re all experiencing change and challenges both personally and professionally. As in-person events are being cancelled and the future of conferences and professional meetings themselves are in question, small, nimble organizations like Digital Frontiers are well equipped to fill the vacuum for professional development, networking, and scholarly communication opportunities in digital space. But we cannot respond to these needs, these challenges, without your help.

If every subscriber to the DF email list gave $5.00, we’d have seed funding for DF Learn, and to cover administrative costs for the rest of 2020. If you can give more, we’d of course be grateful. And if you can’t give now, we understand. We’re grateful for whatever support you can offer: sign up to peer review for Unbound, propose a DF Learn workshop, or work with your institution to sponsor a workshop or future satellite event. If you’ve benefited at all from the Digital Frontiers conference and the community we’ve built over the past eight years, now is the time to invest in our collective future.

Visit our GoFundMe campaign now.


Presenters: Get ready for Realizing Resistance


Here are some tips and action items to make things go more smoothly for everyone:
  1. Register. All Presenters must register to participate. Registration closes April 26. Register here.
  2. Schedule. Check out the Conference Schedule to see when you’re on. Plan ahead, be prepared.
  3. Your Info. Check the website to confirm that your name and title are correct. Email if you need to update your information.
  4. Travel. Make your travel arrangements now! The Travel and Accomodations page has some helpful info about getting to and from Denton from DFW, and other local arrangements.
  5. No Laptop Swaps. The conference facility runs on Windows. To respect the time of the other presenters and the attendees, Presenters are encouraged to either upload your presentation in advance to the shared presentations folder, or to bring a Windows compatible presentation on a jump drive.
  6. Inclusion. Attendees and participants at Realizing Resistance must abide by the Digital Frontiers code of conduct. Digital Frontiers is committed to providing a harassment-free environment for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, physical appearance, ethnicity, religion or other group status. Review our Statement of Inclusion.
  7. Accessibility. Presenters needing accommodations should notify as soon as possible. We are committed to making whatever accommodations are necessary for our participants. Help us help you by letting us know what you need.
    Presenters should review the slides from the DLF webinar on Creating Accessible Presentations and endeavor to make their slides accessible. For digital handouts, review these posts on Accessible non-HTML Content.
    Always use the mic. No, really. Just use the mic.
  8. Time. We’ll be contacting you with details on time for your sessions. We endeavor to allow for 10-15 minutes of Q&A at the end of the session. To respect the time of other presenters and attendees, timekeepers will cut off speakers who go over time.
  9. Repository. We encourage all presenters to contribute their presentations to the Digital Frontiers Collection of the Texas State University Digital Library. To facilitate this process, presenters can upload their slides to the shared doc folder for their session. If you prefer to place your presentation in your home repository, please share a link with us so we can connect to it from the site.
  10. Proceedings. We will be publishing a proceedings from the Realizing Resistance event in Unbound: A Journal of Digital Scholarship, the forthcoming journal from Digital Frontiers. This will be an opportunity to spin up your talks into longer articles. We’ll share details on manuscript preparation and submission shortly. Publication is by no means required, but we hope you’ll consider participating. Details coming soon.
  11. Handouts. If presenters would like to share digital handouts, they can upload them to the shared doc folder. The documents will be linked to their sessions on the conference website.
  12. Community. Join the Facebook Group. Make connections for ride/room shares, and share news with the DF community.
  13. Dress Code. This is a casual/comfortable event. We encourage Star Wars related garb throughout the conference, but we want to emphatically suggest that cosplay be worn on Saturday, May 4th. Whether you are only able to pack a light cosplay, or you can join us in really pulling out all the stops, please join us in celebrating Star Wars day by dressing up. **One word of warning, blasters or anything else that looks like a gun may NOT be a good idea since we are not an open carry campus, and they may cause some concern**
    We don’t control the climate in the conference space, and Texas weather can be unpredictable in spring, so layering is encouraged.
  14. Be Social. Follow us on Twitter and start talking about the conference.  Find the description of your session or a session you’re excited about and Tweet it out! Consider these Principles of Conference Tweeting when live-tweeting the conference.
  15. Email if you have questions.
If you’re the Corresponding Author on your proposal, please share this with your co-authors and presenters. We’ll be following up with additional information for Poster presenters shortly.